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"Send Your Ultimate Solo Ad To A Highly Responsive Network
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Welcome To Ultimate Solo Service.

We offer Supersolo Ads targeted at home based business owners, direct sales and network marketing professionals, internet marketers, affiliate marketers and anyone that is looking to make money online.

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Your solo ad will go out to all members of the websites below:

Generalen Traffic Empire
( 1918 Members)

Marketers Traffic Vault
( 3141 Members)

Talking List
( 1713 Members)

Pony Xpress Ads
( 192 Members)

Eruption Ads
( 1052 Members)

List Insomnia
( 4473 Members)

Super Solos Monthly
( 48 Members)

( 67 Members)

Ultimate Adz
( 65 Members)

Mega Money Mailz
( 2269 Members)

List & Chat
( 1999 Members)

Gold Adz
( 322 Members)

Advertising Freeway
( 5177 Members)

Infinity Adz
( 1303Members)

Traffic Seekers
( 1091Members)

( 424Members)

What Are the Advantages of Using The Ultimate Solo Service?

  1. Quality Traffic To Your Website: Monster Solo Ads are One of the Most Effective Forms of Advertising on the Internet. You will Receive FAST & Widespread Exposure to your Business & Affiliates through Our Network of Advertising Sites.
  2. Save Time & Money: Your time is Valuable. Imagine the Time & Money you would spend Joining & Sending Monster Solo Ads through each Individual Site!
  3. Click Stats: Full Stats Available in Your Members Area!
  4. Single or Bulk SuperSolos Available: Great Savings!
  5. No Member Emails: No More Full Inboxes. Only Admin Emails!

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